Postgrad research: Frequently asked questions

Postgrad research: Frequently asked questions

What is a research degree?

A research degree involves an in-depth study of a specific topic which is then written up as a thesis. You can apply for a Masters by research (MA), Research Doctoral (PhD) or Structured PhD (SPhD).

On average a research degree takes between two to four years to complete. You can apply anytime during the year.

You can undertake a PhD straight after your undergraduate degree.


Is a research degree right for me?

  • Do you enjoy working independently?
  • Did you enjoy the research project your carried out in your degree (eg. Final Year Project)?
  • Do you have a subject area you wish to explore further?
  • Do you have good oral and written communication skills?
  • Do you expect to graduate with a 2:1 degree or higher?


In what subjects can I do a research degree in the Faculty of AHSS?

  • History
  • Law
  • Language & Linguistics
  • Literature, Media & Communications
  • Politics and Public Administration
  • Sociology

For  list of our current and graduated student topics, visit: INSERT LINK


Potential careers

Possible careers after a research degree include: education, consultancy, public service, publishing, business, politics, creative arts, media.
Examples of some of the destinations of our graduated AHSS PhD students include:
  • PhD in Sociology – Research Officer, Irish Research Council
  • PhD in History – Director of Government Affairs, Insurance Ireland
  • PhD in MLAL – Language Teacher and Translator, Portugal
  • PhD in Law – Legislation Manager at Law Reform Commission
  • PhD in PPA- Research Fellow – Corruption in Development Aid
  • PhD in CC – Assistant Prof. of Language Education, Trinity College

Why would I choose to do my research degree at the University of Limerick?

There are so many reasons to choose UL, that we've written a whole extra section on it!  Visit Why choose AHSS? for details.
Between our stunning location, fantastic facilities, student supports, research skills workshops and postgraduate community, UL is a perfect place to choose to do your research degree. We hold an annual postgraduate research conference, which gives you a chance to highlight your research in a friendly, supportive environment, and our postgraduate students also organise their own workshops with handy skills such as PhD hacks.
We have an active research community, with a variety of research centres and clusters which you could join. Take a look at our research blog to find out all the latest news, events and activities in AHSS,

How do I apply?

Visit for full application details.