Events Archive


14.Már.18 CEMs seminar: Dr Jane Grogan (UCD)
22.Fea.18 Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas: LULITMI – A New Country, a New Beginning! A marketplace for ideas in democracy and administration
21.Fea.18 Public lecture: “Trans*: Visualizing the Gender Variant Body”
21.Fea.18 Ralahine Centre for Utopian Studies Film & Lecture Series 2018
06.Fea.18 CEMs seminar: Dr Ruth Canning (Liverpool Hope University)
31.Ean.18 CEMs seminar: Dr Nicole Reinhardt (University of Durham)
25.Ean.18 AHSS Postgraduate Research Community Seminar
24.Ean.18 The 21st Annual Sir John T. Gilbert Commemorative Lecture: Live from the Conniving House: Poetry and Music in Eighteenth-Century Dublin by Dr Michael Griffin
23.Ean.18 Issues in Applied Linguistics seminar
19.Ean.18 Inbhear 2018: publishing arts, humanities and social sciences research
18.Ean.18 School of Law Seminar
17.Ean.18 UL Winter School in Social Science Research Methods 2018
08.Noll.17 TradSong Research Cluster open meeting
07.Noll.17 Limerick Voice 10th Edition Newspaper launch
06.Noll.17 Guest Lecture: The Hon. Mr Justice John Edwards, Judge of the Court of Appeal
05.Noll.17 Invitation: TENI Launch STAD Report 2014-2016
04.Noll.17 Guest lecture: His Honour Judge Tom O’Donnell, Judge of the Circuit Court
30.Samh.17 Minority Religions under Irish Law Symposium
28.Samh.17 Seminar: Visualising and quantifying the human cost of conflict-attributable mortality in Northern Ireland
27.Samh.17 Workshop: Managing Demographic Big Data Analysis in R
27.Samh.17 Taster sessions for TY students
24.Samh.17 CALS Postgraduates Project Session and Reading Group
23.Samh.17 Guest Lecture: Pádraig Mawe, State Solicitor for Limerick City
23.Samh.17 “Football, Politics and Popular Culture”: 2017 Annual Conference of The Football Collective
22.Samh.17 PPA Research Seminar: Franz Amin
21.Samh.17 Say I'm Innocent
21.Samh.17 CEMs seminar: Professor Steven Ellis (NUIG)
21.Samh.17 Limerick History Research Seminar: Professor Steven Ellis
21.Samh.17 CALS lecture: Prof. Michael McCarthy
18.Samh.17 IRAAL conference
17.Samh.17 Book launch: Popular Catholicism in Ireland
16.Samh.17 Seminar: Crime Fiction as World Literature
15.Samh.17 PPA Research Seminar: Do territorial rights include the right to exclude?
14.Samh.17 Guest Lecture: Judge Mary Emer Larkin
14.Samh.17 CEMS seminar: Prof. Patricia Palmer Seminar
11.Samh.17 Constitution at 80 Conference
10.Samh.17 Seminar on Childhood Experience of Homelessness
08.Samh.17 PPA Research Seminar: Mobilizing for the Arab Spring
08.Samh.17 Sociology seminar: The European Social Survey (ESS)
08.Samh.17 The Copenhagen Forum Pedagogic Workshop 2017
07.Samh.17 Limerick History Research Seminar: Sinead McCoole
06.Samh.17 Gender ARC seminar: Dr Cinta Ramblado Minero
03.Samh.17 CALS Postgraduates Project Session and Reading Group
01.Samh.17 PPA Research Seminar: A joint model of turnout and vote choice
26.DF.17 History lecture: "70 years of political violence in Italy. The Aldo Moro case"
25.DF.17 CEMS seminar: The Bolton King lecture
25.DF.17 PPA Research Seminar: The African Peace and Security Architecture
25.DF.17 Gender ARC Seminar: The Diverse Needs of Displaced Children and Families in the West of Ireland
23.DF.17 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: ‘Blaiseadh na Filíochta.'
20.DF.17 Centre for Crime, Justice and Victim Studies 20th Anniversary Conference
19.DF.17 Gender ARC Colloquium
16.DF.17 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: An Dr. Síle de Cléir
15.DF.17 CEMs seminar: Professor Patricia Palmer
12.DF.17 ICEL: 'Making medical professionals compensate emotionally traumatised relatives of the victims of medical negligence'
11.DF.17 Guest lecture: Prof. Jyoti Atwal
11.DF.17 PPA Research Seminar: NATO and the Arctic in the 21st century
10.DF.17 Limerick History Research Seminar: Dr Ciara Breathnach
09.DF.17 Guest lecture: 'Yeats and His Writings on the Occult in Latin America'
09.DF.17 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: ‘Filíocht, Samhlaíocht agus Saoirse.'
08.DF.17 Gerry Leonard & Eoin Devereux, in Conversation and performance
04.DF.17 PPA Research Seminar: Discrimination and religiously selective school admissions
04.DF.17 Sociology seminar: How Private Prison Companies Are Capitalizing From Drug Treatment
04.DF.17 Guest Speaker: author Sophia Kingshill
02.DF.17 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: An Dr. Tadhg Ó hIfearnáin
28.MF.17 Argentine Cinema Series: Stories of Cronopios and Famas (2014)
27.MF.17 Argentine Cinema Series: Darkness by Day (2013)
27.MF.17 PPA Research Seminar: Gender quotas and feminist politics in Ireland
26.MF.17 Argentine Cinema Series: Widows on Thursdays (Marcelo Piñeyro, 2009)
21.MF.17 IRC Preparation Workshop
20.MF.17 Language Exchange Meeting
20.MF.17 PPA Research Seminar: Chinese Nationalism, cyberpopulism,and cross-strait relations
19.MF.17 Limerick History Research Seminar: Professor Marie-Louise Coolahan
18.MF.17 Welcome event for new AHSS first year students
15.MF.17 Irish-German readings with ‘Dublin One City One Book 2017’ author Joe Joyce and poet Eva Bourke
15.MF.17 In conversation with Fay Milton (SAVAGES)
14.MF.17 Kurt Roger’s "Irish Sonata" performed by Joachim Roewer (Irish Chamber Orchestra) & Lance Coburn (Royal Irish Academy of Music)
14.MF.17 Free concert – Kurt Roger’s (1895-1966), Irish Sonata
14.MF.17 Lecture: Postmodern Narratives in Literature and Film
14.MF.17 17th International Conference in Irish-German Studies
13.MF.17 Free talk: "Why Palestine is Everyone's Moral Issue"
13.MF.17 PPA Research Seminar: ”Russophobia” in official Russian political discourse
13.MF.17 Messing Up the Paintwork, Bowie, Yeats (and Beckett)
07.MF.17 Seminar: “Childbirth and Power in India”
01.MF.17 Contemporary Issues in Family Formation Conference
19.Mei.17 5th Global Conference on Transparency Research (GCTR)
15.Mei.17 Talk4: ICONS at Narrative 4
11.Mei.17 ISB11 International Symposium on Biligualism
01.Mei.17 Workshop: Reflection as Learning and Assessment
25.Bealtaine.17 IP Law and Innovation Café
24.Bealtaine.17 CALS Annual Research Day
15.Bealtaine.17 Annual AHSS Postgraduate Conference 2017
28.Aib.17 Sociology competition for 5th and 6th year students
27.Aib.17 Lecture: Flight from Nazi Germany: Exile Narratives for Children
27.Aib.17 Conference and masterclass: Perspectives on hidden victims
26.Aib.17 Alzheimers Tea Day
26.Aib.17 PhD life hacks
26.Aib.17 Seminar on Women's Rights in Honduras
20.Aib.17 Gender ARC Public Lecture: Prof Pascale Dufour
20.Aib.17 Gender ARC seminar: Food Sovereignty in the World March of Women
20.Aib.17 The challenges in journalism practice and treatment of mental health related stories in Irish media
19.Aib.17 Lecture: French Social Struggles in Education
19.Aib.17 PPA Seminar: Mirage or Miracle? Iceland’s post-austerity model
19.Aib.17 CALS Guest lecture: 'Excellence in teaching: a possible way forward?'
18.Aib.17 History seminar: Dr Lachlan Mackinnon
13.Aib.17 Talk4: Contested Spaces
07.Aib.17 Book launches
07.Aib.17 Poetry reading: Graham Allen
06.Aib.17 Seminar: Miley Cyrus: When She Shattered Hannah Montana
06.Aib.17 Lecture: Perceptions of Britain’s Poles of immigration and the Brexit vote
05.Aib.17 PPA Seminar: Parliamentary democracy as a tool of patronage
05.Aib.17 Seminar: Social Exclusion and Regeneration in North Inner City Dublin
04.Aib.17 Secondary School Law Essay Competition
04.Aib.17 Seminar: Gender, Memory and Politics in the Contemporary World: Recent Developments in Film and TV Studies
03.Aib.17 Workshop: Fake news and how to spot it
30.Már.17 History seminar: The Phenomenolgy of Social Research
30.Már.17 Lecture: Francis Jacobs, Former Head of EP Information Office Ireland
29.Már.17 PPA Seminar:Race and the far-right as ideopolitical necessities of Anglo-American Neoliberalism
29.Már.17 Seminar: Prof. Dave O' Brien: After Regeneration
28.Már.17 History seminar: Professor Armando Sosa Cisneros
27.Már.17 Guest lecture: Paul Bradfield, Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court
24.Már.17 Workshop: The use of blogs in teaching and learning
24.Már.17 Seminar: Experiencing Homelessness in Contemporary Ireland
23.Már.17 Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics postgraduate information evening
23.Már.17 Gender ARC Seminar: Dr Anne Mulhall
23.Már.17 Seminar: What “should” happen in a “good” French class?
22.Már.17 PPA Seminar: Regime, opposition and authoritarian institutional adaptation in Kazakhstan
22.Már.17 Law for a Day 2017
22.Már.17 Inaugural lecture by Adjunct Professor of Journalism, Gerard Colleran
21.Már.17 Legal Research Methods Workshop and Book Launch
21.Már.17 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: An Dr. Katie Ní Loingsigh, DCU
20.Már.17 Lecture: Defences in International Criminal Law
15.Már.17 PPA Seminar: Pro-IS and European Extreme Right Online Milieus
14.Már.17 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: Gordon Ó Riain
13.Már.17 Guest Lecture: The Hon. Mr Justice John Edwards, Judge of the Court of Appeal
08.Már.17 Lecture: Contemporary French Cinema: French Film before and in the Crisis
08.Már.17 PPA Seminar: The Role of Prime Ministers' Personality in Canadian Foreign Policy Decision-making
08.Már.17 International Women's Day: Women in Media
08.Már.17 Seminar: Fiona O’Grady, Limerick Youth Service
07.Már.17 Reading by Julian Gough & Launch of The Ogham Stone
07.Már.17 History seminar: Professor Johannes Dieter Steinert
07.Már.17 Gender ARC Seminar: Dr Sinéad Walsh
02.Már.17 LCGA: Punk Rock and Me
01.Már.17 Lecture: The Mediatisation of the Hollande Presidency
01.Már.17 Seminar: Effects of Local Crime Networks in Ireland on Children
28.Fea.17 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge
27.Fea.17 Seminar: The Crisis of Islamic Masculinities
23.Fea.17 Limerick Literary Festival in honour of Kate O’Brien
23.Fea.17 IP and Innovation Law Café
22.Fea.17 PPA Seminar: The rise and apparent fall of the Pink Tide
21.Fea.17 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: Éamonn Costello
18.Fea.17 Words Ireland Writers Series, Limerick
17.Fea.17 Workshop: Open educational practices in language education
17.Fea.17 Law seminar: The Emerging Gig Economy: Is there an APP for that?
16.Fea.17 PPA lecture: Rory Montgomery, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
16.Fea.17 Presentation by Robert Mortell - Climbing Everest - Achieving Ambition
15.Fea.17 Book launch: Mozlandia
15.Fea.17 Seminar: Sport, Crisis Migration and Commemoration in Contemporary France
14.Fea.17 Lecture by Mr Justice John Edwards
13.Fea.17 History Seminar: Professor Jeffrey Herf
08.Fea.17 PPA Seminar: Deciphering the Islamic State’s emotional narrative
03.Fea.17 Lecture: Mr Justice Richard Humphreys
03.Fea.17 Workshop: Using Collaborative Tools to Facilitate Virtual Team Projects
03.Fea.17 Doolin Writers' Weekend
02.Fea.17 Lecture: Professor Siobhan Mullally
01.Fea.17 PPA Seminar: The ideological space in Irish politics
20.Ean.17 Public talk: Shaping economic inequality
19.Ean.17 Public Talk: The Irish Social Science Data Archive
09.Ean.17 9th UL Winter School in Social Science Research Methods
07.Ean.17 Gavin Friday talks David Bowie
14.Noll.16 AHSS Postgraduate Research Community: Winter Seminar
07.Noll.16 Seminar: The role of the UK popular press in BREXIT
30.Samh.16 PPA Seminar: Transitioning to a low-carbon society
25.Samh.16 Book Launch: Women Writing War
23.Samh.16 Journalism/MLAL event: Q&A With Political Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi
23.Samh.16 PPA seminar: Priority, Sufficiency and Language Policy
23.Samh.16 Public lecture: Language Diversity in France
21.Samh.16 Guest lecture: The Sentencing Process: His Honour Judge Tom O’Donnell
17.Samh.16 Learning through sharing workshop
16.Samh.16 Seminar: Islamic State and the end of Salafi Jihadist Ideology?
16.Samh.16 MLAL seminar: Deconstructing Galtieri
16.Samh.16 Seminar: Where is Mozlandia?
15.Samh.16 History seminar: Professor Marco Clementi
14.Samh.16 John Gormley: Climate change: a communication failure
11.Samh.16 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge
10.Samh.16 How I Write, Ireland, Interview with Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
09.Samh.16 PPA seminar: Losing citizenship: a non-domination perspective
05.Samh.16 Symposium: In the Name of Future Generations
05.Samh.16 Irish Renaissance Seminar
03.Samh.16 IP Law Café: The Impact of Brexit on IP Management
03.Samh.16 An Foclóir Nua Béarla-Gaeilge
02.Samh.16 Public lecture: Liberalisation, surveillance and suicide in the French workplace
02.Samh.16 Seminar: Floating Downstream: An Alternative Dental History
02.Samh.16 MLAL Research Seminar Series
02.Samh.16 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge
31.DF.16 16th Irish-German International Conference
27.DF.16 Public lectures: Sports Law and Anti-Doping.
26.DF.16 PPA seminar: Dr Phoebe Moore,
26.DF.16 Research Evidence into Policy Programme (REPPP)
26.DF.16 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge
19.DF.16 PPA seminar: Professor Eddie Moxon-Browne
19.DF.16 Lecture by Prof Eoin Bourke
19.DF.16 Seminar: Prophylactic Sexuality Education
19.DF.16 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge
19.DF.16 Gender, Culture & Society PhD Forum
13.DF.16 Forum on Media and Homelessness
13.DF.16 Launch of the Centre for Early Modern Studies, Limerick
13.DF.16 Seminar: Anti-racisms in education as acts of learner-citizenship
13.DF.16 Incarcerated Bodies: hunger striking and internment.
12.DF.16 PPA seminar
12.DF.16 MLAL Research Seminar Series: Nuria Borrull
07.DF.16 Sound Heritage Ireland Symposium
06.DF.16 Lecture by Judge Michael Reilly
06.DF.16 Reading by Anne Enright
05.DF.16 Public lecture: The Social Economic Sector and the French Welfare State
05.DF.16 Seminar: Dr Izabela Handzlik
04.DF.16 History seminar: Encounters with the Past
04.DF.16 Talk: Copyright issues in Movies and TV
30.MF.16 Workshop: ePortfolios in the Language Classroom
29.MF.16 IP Law Café
28.MF.16 Gender, Culture & Society PhD Forum
28.MF.16 Colloquium: What Could Germany Do for Ireland?
27.MF.16 Public lecture: Citizenship and the Political Integration of Muslims in Franc
27.MF.16 Reading by Swiss writer Gabrielle Alioth
26.MF.16 Languages Week at UL
22.MF.16 Preparation Session for IRC PhD Applications
21.MF.16 Seminar: The Development of the Role of the Special Advisor in Ireland
21.MF.16 Public lecture: Awakening to Languages and Foreign Language Teaching
15.MF.16 Memory, writing and exile: a conversation with Alicia Kozameh
14.MF.16 Seminar: Brexit II: The Empire Strikes Back (Based on a True Story)
23.Lún.16 Public lecture with Professor Anthony McElligott
20.Mei.16 Two-day Course: Categorical Data Analysis for Social Scientists
08.Mei.16 Postgraduate workshop on “Sociolinguistic research on transnationalism”
26.Bealtaine.16 2016 Postgraduate Research Conference of Applied Language Studies
25.Bealtaine.16 CALS Annual Research Day
24.Bealtaine.16 International Network for Hate Studies Biennial Conference
23.Bealtaine.16 Workshop: Researching sensitive topics and accessing hard to reach communities
19.Bealtaine.16 IP Law Cafe: Professor Jeffrey A. Maine
19.Bealtaine.16 AHSS 2016 Annual Postgraduate Conference
13.Bealtaine.16 Sociological Association of Ireland 43rd Annual Conference
04.Bealtaine.16 Forum on the contemporary significance of the Easter Rising
27.Aib.16 Seminar on Wills: Mental Capacity Issues
27.Aib.16 PPA seminar: Claes Belfrage
26.Aib.16 History Studies Journal launch
25.Aib.16 CALS Undergraduate Research Award
22.Aib.16 Guest Lecture: Sentencing Guidelines - The Hon. Mr Justice John Edwards
20.Aib.16 Workshop: The thin-walled language classroom: The case of ITALKI
19.Aib.16 Dr Ruan O'Donnell at CUALA 2016
19.Aib.16 CHR seminar: Civil War: ancient fears, contemporary realities
19.Aib.16 Guest seminar: Dreams within Dreams’: England, Utopia, and H. G. Wells
14.Aib.16 CALS lecture: Eric Nicaise
13.Aib.16 German-speaking Refugees in Ireland 1933-45
13.Aib.16 Seminar: Limerick Soundscapes and Critical Citizenship
12.Aib.16 PPA seminar: John O'Brennan
08.Aib.16 CIGS Lecture: Arnold Sommerfeld and the birth of atomic theory
07.Aib.16 Seminar: Prosthesis and Mediation in Beckett
07.Aib.16 Conference: Journalism in times of Crisis
06.Aib.16 PPA seminar: Ciara McCorley
06.Aib.16 Seminar: Sexual Offences, Trafficking & Law Reform
06.Aib.16 History Graduate Seminar: William O’Neill
06.Aib.16 Sociology Seminar Series 2016: Dr Kirsteen Paton
06.Aib.16 Gender, Culture & Society PhD Forum
31.Már.16 Guest lecture: The Hon. Mr Justice John Edwards
31.Már.16 Limerick & 1916: Symposium at the Hunt Museum
30.Már.16 Seminar:The detention of Ibrahim Halawa in Egypt
30.Már.16 Seimineár Léann na Gaeilge: Léacht 4
23.Már.16 Sociology Seminar Series 2016: Dr Aileen Dillane
23.Már.16 CALS Seminar: Dr. Sandra Ballweg
22.Már.16 CHR seminar: ‘The components of elite diet in sixteenth-century Ireland’
16.Már.16 Journalism seminar: Irish Times Deputy News Editor David Labanyi
16.Már.16 Forum: Reflections on the 2016 Irish General Election
16.Már.16 Seminar: Exploring the gender gap in research productivity at a Norwegian research institute
16.Már.16 Seimineár Léann na Gaeilge: Léacht 3
16.Már.16 AHSS Workshop on Academic Writing
15.Már.16 The Rhyming of Hope and History in Palestine: Prof John McKay
15.Már.16 “The Four of Us” Russian poetry reading
14.Már.16 Seminar: Understanding Police Militarization: 25 Years of Research Experiences
12.Már.16 Workshops for Language Teachers
10.Már.16 Reading by Louis-Philippe Dalembert
10.Már.16 Seminar: War Crimes and the Protection of Cultural Property
09.Már.16 Living Language - Linguistic boundary work in marketing discourse
09.Már.16 Seminar: Responsible Reporting on Suicide and Mental Health Issues
09.Már.16 PPA seminar: Populism in Russia
02.Már.16 Politics and Public Administration seminar
02.Már.16 History Graduate Seminar
02.Már.16 Sociology Seminar Series 2016: Dr Lorenza Antonucci
01.Már.16 Centre for Historical Research seminar
27.Fea.16 Limerick Literary Festival in honour of Kate O'Brien
26.Fea.16 Sociology Seminar Series 2016: Dr Tom Boland
24.Fea.16 Careers Using Irish: Bláithín Ní Chatháin
24.Fea.16 Careers Using Irish: Daithí Mac Cárthaigh, Barrister
18.Fea.16 IP Law Café
12.Fea.16 History documentary competition for post-junior certificate students
12.Fea.16 Workshop: Want to customise a TED talk or a video clip of your choice?
11.Fea.16 Prof. Shane Kilcommins Inaugural Lecture
10.Fea.16 Public discussion on the UK, Ireland & the EU
10.Fea.16 Seminar: The revolutionary aims of Ireland’s forgotten diplomats
10.Fea.16 Irish Record Linkage 1864-1913 (IRL) workshop
09.Fea.16 Centre for Historical Research Seminar Series
09.Fea.16 Launch of ULRnaG series
05.Fea.16 Seminar: The Use of Media in Educational Institutions
04.Fea.16 Launch of funded PhD Scholarship
03.Fea.16 Arthur Cox Solicitors Visit to the School of Law
03.Fea.16 Seminar: RTE/TG4 Journalist Seán Mac an tSithigh
03.Fea.16 UL Post Graduate Career Fair
21.Ean.16 IP Law Café
20.Ean.16 Gender, Culture & Society PhD Forum
11.Ean.16 8th Winter School in Social Science Research Methods
27.Samh.15 Workshop: SpeakApps
27.Samh.15 Commercial Sex Research Network Ireland Workshop
25.Samh.15 Graduate Career Information Evening (English, Gaeilge, Journalism, Culture, Media)
25.Samh.15 Public Interview / Q&A session with Peter Hook
25.Samh.15 Centre for Irish-German Studies: A Trilingual Reading
25.Samh.15 A Lot Done, A Lot More To Do: Trans People and the Law
25.Samh.15 “Atrocity Exhibition”: A two day symposium on Joy Division
24.Samh.15 Seminar: ‘Major/Minor in World Literature’
24.Samh.15 Centre for Historical Research Seminar
24.Samh.15 Framing Financial Crisis and Protest: North-West and South-East Europe
20.Samh.15 Sibéal Annual Conference
20.Samh.15 Moments of Becoming: Transitions and Transformations in Early Modern Europe
18.Samh.15 Graduate Career Information Evening (Languages)
17.Samh.15 Sociology Public Seminar: Complex Inequality and Working Mothers
11.Samh.15 Graduate Career Information Evening (Law)
09.Samh.15 Sociology video competition
30.DF.15 CONFERENCE: Labour and Employment Law Issues in the 21st Century
29.DF.15 Book Launch: Dr James Carr, Experiences of Islamophobia: Living with Racism in the neoliberal era
28.DF.15 A conversation with Julie Hamill
28.DF.15 Public lecture: 'Yeats and the occult: the unchristened heart'
27.DF.15 A Filmic Presentation by Kasandra O’Connell, Head of the Irish Film Institute’s Irish Film Archive
23.DF.15 Comhairle na nÓg AGM
22.DF.15 Language Management Online: A diachronic case study of state websites in Norway
22.DF.15 Lecture: Corpora, grammar and ELT
21.DF.15 Graduate Career Information Evening (History, Politics, Sociology)
20.DF.15 How Sweden Became the Country with the Highest Proportion of Women University Presidents in Europe
17.DF.15 Drones: Coming to the sky near you
16.DF.15 Systèmes / Systems – 17th annual international conference of the Association des Études Françaises et Francophones d’Irlande (ADEFFI)
15.DF.15 A Writer Young and Old: Yeats at 150 The First Conference of the International Yeats Society
15.DF.15 UL Open Days
14.DF.15 Seminar: Tracing and exploring community and identity in language
14.DF.15 Sociology seminar: Gender, Development and the Media since 1945: It is not a man's world!
05.DF.15 Jorge Luis Borges on James Joyce: exploring links between Argentinean and Irish literature
05.DF.15 Recent Irish and British Migration to Berlin - A Case of Lifestyle Migration?
01.DF.15 Seminar: Dr Sean Redmond ‘Why we should be bothered about the influence that locally based criminal networks have on children’
30.MF.15 Language Socialisation in the Face of Changing Social Networks: The Case of the Irish Traveller Cant
25.MF.15 Collaborative Research in Early Modern Studies Symposium
23.MF.15 Guest lecture: Code-switching: a pedagogical resource
22.MF.15 Guest lecture: Bilingual Education Programmes - all shades of grey!
20.MF.15 SCREENING: 'Mood Poem' a film documenting The Pigtown Fling
18.MF.15 Culture Night: the Limerick angle of selected Irish-German encounters
18.MF.15 Guest lecture: Dr Peppi Taalas
15.MF.15 Richard Ford Reading
11.MF.15 Conference: Victims' Rights: An Agenda for Change
03.MF.15 AHSS Teaching Day 2015
12.Iúil.15 IEEE International Professional Communication Conference (ProComm 2015)
26.Mei.15 Consuming Crime: Consumption, Commodification and Consumerism in Crime Fiction, Film and Television
20.Mei.15 MATSDA/UL PhD TESOL Summer School Conference 2015
18.Mei.15 Conference: New Perspectives on Irish English 3
10.Mei.15 CALS Visiting Research Fellow Lecture
05.Mei.15 Irish Society of Comparative Law 2015 Conference
02.Mei.15 Juris Diversitas 2015 Annual Conference
28.Bealtaine.15 Movens Konferenz
22.Bealtaine.15 Workshop: the use of ICT in support of language teaching and learning
21.Bealtaine.15 International Conference on EU Criminal Justice
20.Bealtaine.15 Conference: Women and Ageing: New Cultural and Critical Perspectives
18.Bealtaine.15 AHSS 2015 Postgraduate conference
15.Bealtaine.15 Agenda Setting Lecture: The Right Hon. Lady Hale
08.Bealtaine.15 Teacher Development in the 21st Century Seminar
30.Aib.15 Songs of Social Protest Conference presents Damien Dempsey at Dolans
30.Aib.15 Legal Pedagogy in Transition
29.Aib.15 Seminar: Exploring the Political Agenda of the European Parliament using a Dynamic Topic-modelling Approach
29.Aib.15 Songs of Social Protest Conference
23.Aib.15 Seminar: Everyday life during Nepal’s civil war
22.Aib.15 Seminar: Decentralisation in Ireland: sporadic or systemic..?
19.Aib.15 Professor Joseph O'Connor's new radio play: 'Vampyre Man'
16.Aib.15 Seminar: Journalism and development in a post-conflict environment: An insider perspective on the Cambodian experience
16.Aib.15 Centre for Applied Language Studies Seminar
16.Aib.15 Irish Record Linkage Workshop
15.Aib.15 Seminar: The role of the European Commission in multi-level financial economic governance in the European Union
14.Aib.15 Seminar: Dr Karol Mullaney‐Dignam
10.Aib.15 Workshop: SpeakApps: free digital tools and apps to practice oral skills online
09.Aib.15 Prof Joseph O'Connor Inaugural Lecture
09.Aib.15 Teacher Development in the 21st Century Seminar
08.Aib.15 Seminar: Headline Communications Manager Jane Arigho
08.Aib.15 Seminar: Just War Theory and Private Security Companies
08.Aib.15 Eleventh Ralahine Utopian Studies Workshop
07.Aib.15 Law for a Day Initiative 2015
06.Aib.15 A Week With Kim Stanley Robinson
26.Már.15 Lecture: BBC Foreign Correspondent Fergal Keane
26.Már.15 Seminar: Jon McCourt: Perspectives on peace and conflict in Northern Ireland
25.Már.15 Seminar: How The Amnesty Stabilised Postwar Angola
20.Már.15 Seminar: Digital resources to support the development of oral and aural skills
19.Már.15 Seminar: The effects of one party dominant politics in South Africa: harmful or benign?
18.Már.15 Debate: Freedom of Expression
18.Már.15 Lecture: Irish Times On-line News Editor David Labyani
18.Már.15 Seminar: Media representations of Limericks Regeneration estates
16.Már.15 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: An Dr. Emma Nic Cárthaigh
12.Már.15 Seminar: Development education and civil society work between Ireland and South Africa
11.Már.15 Politics & Public Administration postgraduate information evening
11.Már.15 Seminar: Youth Homelessness in Ireland
10.Már.15 Seminar: Professor Neil Gregor
09.Már.15 Reception: Brian Merriman
09.Már.15 Reading by German writer Judith Hermann
09.Már.15 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: An Dr. Síle de Cléir
09.Már.15 Seachtain na Gaeilge
06.Már.15 Workshop on Teaching Quantitative Research Methods
06.Már.15 CALS lecture: Silvia Benini
05.Már.15 Seminar: University of Ulster Peace-building in divided multicultural societies: Insights from post-Apartheid South Africa
04.Már.15 Seminar: Joe Little, RTÉ Religious and Social Affairs Correspondent
04.Már.15 Problem-Based Learning Seminar, PPA
04.Már.15 Seminar: Personal Reflections on Youth and Community Work in Limerick City
03.Már.15 Information evening on postgraduate programmes
02.Már.15 Book launch: Dominique Le Meur
02.Már.15 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: Ríona Ní Churtáin
26.Fea.15 Peace and Development Seminar: UL Overseas volunteering
26.Fea.15 Seminar: Overseas volunteering: Examining the benefits and the challenges
25.Fea.15 Seminar: RTE Journalist Seán Mac an tSithigh
25.Fea.15 Seminar: Secret Party: South African Communists between 1950 and 1965
25.Fea.15 Seminar: Dr Tom Slater
24.Fea.15 CHR Seminar: Irish Republicans in Britain and the First World War
24.Fea.15 Gender, Culture & Society PhD Forum
23.Fea.15 Lecture: Mr. Michael O' Neill, Head of Legal Affairs at the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission
23.Fea.15 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: An Dr. Tadhg Ó hIfearnáin
20.Fea.15 Lecture: Growing up in a One Parent Family: The “family structure” debate
19.Fea.15 Poetry Reading and Discussion with Paula Meehan
19.Fea.15 Lecture: Dr Ivor Timmis
18.Fea.15 Seminar: Anarchists, Anarchism and Anarchy
16.Fea.15 Seimineáir Léann na Gaeilge: Gearóid Ó Duinn
12.Fea.15 Lecture: Narratives from a Nottingham council estate: A story of white working class mothers with mixed-race children.
11.Fea.15 Bryan Dobson lecture
11.Fea.15 Seminar: Life in the Nineteenth-Century Irish Female Convict Prison
11.Fea.15 Seminar: Dr Lisa McKenzie
28.Ean.15 Workshop: Using Google Drive to foster students’ engagement, collaboration and co-construction of knowledge
28.Ean.15 Seminar: Towards the low-carbon transition: Governance challenges
19.Ean.15 Graduate Conferrings
10.Ean.15 January Open Day
20.Samh.14 What is Public History? A Conversation
18.Samh.14 SEMINAR: Re-framing gender and sexual equality in Finnish online discussion on immigration
12.Samh.14 Sociology Public Event: A Conversation with Julien Mercille
12.Samh.14 Department of Politics and Public Administration Roundtable Discussion
10.Samh.14 Public lecture: Prof Susan Bassnett
07.Samh.14 Workshop: Social media for language learning and raising awareness of intercultural competence
07.Samh.14 15th Limerick Conference in Irish-German Studies
06.Samh.14 CUES Event: Donal Ryan in Conversation
05.Samh.14 Colum McCann to visit UL
04.Samh.14 Centre for Historical Research Studies Seminar
10.DF.14 Learning through sharing: Integrating Information & Communication Technology in Language Teaching & Learning series
07.DF.14 Centre for Historical Research Studies Autumn 2014 Research Seminars
12.MF.14 Seminar: Motherhood in science, engineering and technology
10.MF.14 Seminar: The Negative and the Positive Side of Democratic Institutional Design
10.MF.14 Politics & Public Administration Research Seminars Autumn Semester 2014
04.MF.14 AHSS Faculty Teaching Day 2014
03.MF.14 Orientation for new students
18.Lún.14 ‘Travelling Irishness in the Long Nineteenth Century’ Symposium
15.Iúil.14 UL Graduations
18.Mei.14 TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland) launched STAD