Upcoming Events


20.Már.18 University of Sanctuary week: Right to Understanding
21.Már.18 Sanctuary Week: UL Against Racism on International Day Against Racism
21.Már.18 PPA seminar: The development of political parties in Germany Politics & Public Administration
21.Már.18 Limericker Literaturgespräche: Anna Weidenholzer Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics
22.Már.18 Sanctuary Week: Migrant Stories
22.Már.18 Lecture: The Law of Bruce Springsteen Law
23.Már.18 Sanctuary Week: Celebrating Sanctuary Through Music and Dance
04.Aib.18 PPA seminar: housing bubbles and the financial resource curse in Spain and Ireland Politics & Public Administration
06.Aib.18 Limericker Literaturgespräche: Dmitrij Kapitelman Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics
11.Aib.18 Sociology seminar: Disability and the relational geographies of un/safety Sociology
11.Aib.18 PPA seminar: Historical Legacies of Taxation in Ireland Politics & Public Administration
18.Aib.18 Sociology seminar: The Politics of Conceptualising Local Development Sociology
18.Aib.18 PPA seminar: Charalambos Tsardanidis Politics & Public Administration
25.Aib.18 Sociology seminar: Life inside foodbank Britain Sociology
01.Bealtaine.18 UL Creative Writing Literary Festival Culture & Communication
03.Bealtaine.18 UL/Frank McCourt Creative Writing Summer School Culture & Communication
03.Bealtaine.18 Author Anna Carey at UCH Creative Writing Festival
03.Bealtaine.18 Launch of UL’s literary and arts journal The Ogham Stone Creative Writing Festival
03.Bealtaine.18 Kevin Barry and Julian Gough at UCH Creative Writing Festival
04.Bealtaine.18 Marian Keyes in conversation with Joseph O’Connor Creative Writing Festival
05.Bealtaine.18 Bob Geldof in conversation with Joseph O’Connor Creative Writing Festival
06.Bealtaine.18 Live recording of the RTE Radio 1 programme ‘Sunday Miscellany’ Creative Writing Festival
06.Bealtaine.18 Don't Judge a Book Just By The Cover…Punk and Creativity Creative Writing Festival
06.Bealtaine.18 Submitting Your Work to a Publisher, with Alan Hayes Creative Writing Festival
25.Bealtaine.18 Léann na Sionainne Culture & Communication