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Below is a list of all available supervisors for students submitting their FYPs.

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Name Department FYP supervision areas Email
Adina Preda Politics & Public Administration

Rights and Political Morality (including theories of rights, conflicts of rights, group rights, human rights, property rights, territorial or states’ rights, possible right-holders) Contemporary theories of distributive justice Global justice Political obligation and state legitimacy The Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention Justice and health (care) Intergenerational justice

Aengus Finnegan English, Irish, and Communication

Irish placenames, surnames and personal names

Historical language shift in Ireland

Historical dialectology of the Irish language (including in the midlands & eastern Ireland)

The influence of Irish on Irish English.

The Schools' Folklore Collection 1937-8

The writings of Brian Ó Nualláin/Myles na gCopaleen

Alistair Malcolm History

British and European cultural and political History before 1800.

The European Witch Craze in the early modern period.

Tudor England and Stuart Britain.

Spain and Spanish America in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

France in the age of Cardinal Richelieu and Louis XIV.

The Courts of Europe 1500-1800.


Amanda Haynes Sociology

Discourse analysis of the Oireachtas Debates on the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989

Discourse analysis of the Oireachtas Debates on the ‘Criminal Justice (Aggravation by Prejudice) Bill 2016’

Politicians’ constructions of the Carrickmines tragedy in the Irish press and broadcast media.

Political discourse regarding Traveller accommodation in the Irish press and broadcast media.

Frame analysis of media reporting on the case of Ibrahim Halawa.

Quantitative projects employing European Social Survey Data.

Andrew Shorten Politics & Public Administration

Normative topics in political philosophy Contemporary theories of social and distributive justice Topics in the history of political thought (esp. Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hume, Kant, Bentham, Mill, Marx) Toleration in historical and contemporary perspectives Multiculturalism and the rights of minorities Cultural rights, equality and the politics of recognition Nationalism, citizenship, and the morality of borders and/or secession Political concepts (e.g. freedom, equality, power, etc.) Political ideologies (esp. liberalism and nationalism)

Angela Farrell Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics


Anissa Bennaili Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics Email
Ann Marcus Quinn English, Irish, and Communication

Usability Open Educational Resources (OERs) Instructional Design

Annie Girardin-Halpin Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

French Literature, and in particular crime fiction and ‘la littérature de l’engagement’ French cinema Translation

Barrie Wharton Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Spanish Cinema

Bernadette Connaughton Politics & Public Administration

Public accountability

The role of political staff

Case study in Irish public policy

Implementation of EU environmental policy

Brendan Halpin Sociology

Stratification and inequality in Ireland Sociological analysis of life-histories using quantitative methods Cohabitation, marriage and divorce (using quantitative methods) Transport in Limerick/UL – promoting a modal shift away from the private car Any other sociological research project using quantitative methods

Chris McInerney Politics & Public Administration

The evolution of civil society in Ireland Social inclusion policy and practice Civic engagement and democratic development The changing world of public administration Public administration and social justice

Ciara Breathnach History

Irish Social and Economic History 1800-1950

Social History of Medicine

The Irish in New Zealand

Visual History

Irish Traveller History

Cinta Ramblado Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Hispanic Studies Women’s writing and the recuperation of historical memory in contemporary Spain Films about the Spanish Civil War and the Franco Regime The comics of Carlos Giménez as socio-political critique Politics of memory in contemporary Spain

Conor Little Politics & Public Administration Email
Darina Slattery English, Irish, and Communication

E-Learning Information Design Instructional Design Online Collaboration/ Virtual Teams Technical Communication

David Atkinson Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Language Variation in Spain and/or Latin America Language Policy and Language Planning in Spain and/or Latin America Language and Power/Critical Discourse Analysis The Politics of Language in the Spanish speaking world Communicative Language Teaching

David Fleming History

Eighteenth-century social, cultural and political history

History of associations

History of localities

Early modern Ireland

Deirdre Ní Loingsigh English, Irish, and Communication

Líonraí Gaeilge lasmuigh den Ghaeltacht

Féidearthachtaí Flipboard don mhúinteoir le Gaeilge

Spásanna foghlama agus úsáide teanga

Riachtanais tacaíochta teanga mhic léinn na Gaeilge ar an tríú leibhéal

Nuachainteoirí na Gaeilge

Dominique Le Meur Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Translation Studies: the cultural dimension The Front National in French Politics

Elaine Riordan Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

English language teaching and learning Language teacher education Communities of practice for language teachers/learners New technologies for language teaching and learning Computer-mediated communication Corpus linguistics and corpus-based discourse analysis

Elaine Vaughan Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Irish English, characteristics and pragmatics

Humour and laughter in language

English language teaching and learning

Community and identity in spoken, written and computer-mediated language

Corpus linguistics; corpus-based discourse analysis and conversation analysis

Elaine Walsh English, Irish, and Communication Email
Florence Le Baron-Earle Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics Email
Freda Mishan Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Designing Language Teaching Materials Culture and Language Learning The New Technologies and Language Teaching The New Technologies and new language varieties Phonetics and Phonology

Gisela Holfter Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

German-speaking refugees in Ireland 1933-45 Friedrich Engels and Ireland Business German in Ireland Contemporary German literature Migration and Exile literature

Gordon Ó Riain English, Irish, and Communication

Language and literature of Early Modern Irish (1200-1650) / Teanga agus litríocht na Nua-Ghaeilge Moiche

Historical development of the Irish language / Stair na Gaeilge

Palaeography and textual criticism of Irish / Lámhscríbhinní agus eagarthóireacht téacsanna

An Fhiannaíocht

Dialects of Irish / Canúintí na Gaeilge

Scéim Aistriúcháin an Ghúim.

Joachim Fischer Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

History of Cinema in the Limerick region Ecological and sustainability initiatives in European universities (NB: Knowledge of two continental language incl. German is required) German film studies Irish utopian / Science Fiction literature German culture and literature pre-1900

Karol Mullaney-Dignam History

Early Modern history 18th century Irish history 19th century Irish history

Lee Monaghan Sociology

Qualitative research on dieting culture Qualitative research on any aspect relating to the obesity debate Qualitative research on masculinities and health The sociology of the body The sociology of risk

Liam Murray Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Language Learning Enhanced by Technologies Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Les Mots” / literary and autobiographical analyses Le cinéma de Mathieu Kassovitz Le cinéma de Jean-Pierre Jeunet Les jeux vidéo: enjeux et défis Videogames : ethics, ‘emotioneering’ and a little bit of violence Gamification: issues and ethics Blogging for learning and for influence French media on the world stage

Máire Ní Ghráda English, Irish, and Communication

Irish folklore Gaeilge

Margaret Harper English, Irish, and Communication

Group project: Students will focus on a writer from the Limerick area, and work on the Literary Limerick digital archive. Students will be provided with a list of writers from which they can choose. As there is a web-based aspect to this project, it will particularly suit those students taking New Media modules. English-language poetry after 1860 Irish women writers Yeats, Joyce, Beckett, Faulkner, Toni Morrison Literature of the American South

Maria Rieder Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Critical Discourse Analysis/Language and Power

Language and social/economic inequality

Language and gender/language and race

Language and migration

Minority communities and languages

Journalism and News Discourse

Intercultural Communication, intercultural pragmatics


Mariano Paz Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Hispanic Cultural Studies: Literature, Cinema, Theatre, Visual Arts Film Studies: Theory, Language, Politics and Ideology, Audiences Science Fiction; Utopian Fiction; Dystopias Latin American Studies: Politics, Societies, Cities Cybercultures and New Media

Marie-Thérèse Batardière Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Interlanguage grammar in L2 French The impact of Study Abroad on L2 learning Tools and strategies to enhance language learning The importance of languages and culture in the business world French current affairs

Marieke Krajenbrink Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Transformations of the detective formula in Austrian, Swiss and German literature Post-war German-speaking drama The Holocaust in German and Austrian literature and cinema Themes in Comparative Literature The work of Richard Wagner and its reception

Marina Cano English, Irish, and Communication

Jane Austen, the Long Nineteenth Century, Women’s Writing, Gender Theory, Literary Afterlives

Marta Giralt Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

SLA; Second/Foreign Language Teacher Education; Intercultural Communication; Technology and Language Learning & Computer mediated Communication; Spanish Pronunciation; Film and Media pedagogy for Language Learning 


Martin Power Sociology

Neoliberalism and the retraction of the Welfare State Urban Regeneration, Gentrification & Housing Policies Political / Media discourses of Migration (Inward or outward) Political / Social Protest

Mary O’Donoghue Sociology

What is class identity? Understanding educational disadvantage Educational participation is closely linked to socio economic status, explain this pattern Gender stereotypes are still very evident in technical and scientific areas, explore why How children make sense of home and school

Maura Adshead Politics & Public Administration

Irish Politics and public administration Comparative public policy Europeanisation theory and/or empirical work Social inclusion/exclusion issues and policy Case studies in Irish politics/policy by arrangement

Michael G. Kelly Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Littérature de langue française (20e siècle) Littérature de langue française (19e siècle) Poésie et poétiques modernes Théories de l’interprétation textuelle Littérature comparée.

Neil Robinson Politics & Public Administration

Russian politics Soviet politics and history Politics in states of the Former USSR (excluding the Baltic states) Post-communist political economy History of communist states

Nuria Borrull Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Spanish Literature of post-war Spain Translation Studies Language Teaching Methodology and Language Learning Popular Music in Spain

Orla McDonnell Sociology

Bioethics and medical technology (reproductive technologies; genetic technologies) Sociological topics in the field of mental health politics, policy and practice (service user movement; psychiatric dominance; shift from institutional to community care; service user involvement in research, policy and practice) Sociological explorations of healthcare policy and practice (Private Health Insurance; Two-tier system; public-private mix; privatisation) Sociological explorations of reproductive politics (contraception, abortion, Assisted Reproductive Technologies) Qualitative studies of the illness (or caring) experience

Owen Worth Politics & Public Administration

Critical approaches to Global Political Economy and Global Politics Politics of Globalisation and Global Governance Post-Communist Russia Global Development and Exclusion Globalisation and resistance

Richard Kirwan History

Education and learning in the early modern period The Reformation Early modern print culture German history in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries Early modern cultures of display

Roberto Mazza History

Modern history of the Middle East Late Ottoman Empire Urban history (Mediterranean basin) Urban violence Minorities in the Middle East Arab-Israeli Conflict

Ross MacMillan Sociology Email
Ruán O'Donnell History

Modern Irish, European and Australian history; the United Irishmen; imperialism, Irish revolutionary movements; commemoration

Sile De Cléir English, Irish, and Communication

An Cultúr Ábhartha i saol traidisiúnta agus i mbéaloideas na hÉireann, go h-áirithe an téadach dúchasach agus feisteas na ndaoine (Material Folk Culture in Irish folklife, especially cloth-making and dress traditions) Creideamh na nDaoine agus nósanna comónta go h-áirithe i gcomhthéacs an Chaitliceachais i gCathair Luimnigh sa chéad leath den 20ú hAois (Popular Folk Belief and Practice especially in the Catholic context in Limerick city in the first half of the twentieth century)

Sorcha De Brún English, Irish, and Communication

Modern Irish language fiction; Modern Irish language poetry; Irish language film; Máirtín Ó Cadhain; Men and Masculinities in the Irish language novel; Irish language church music

Teresa Cuixeres Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics


Tom Lodge Politics & Public Administration

Political responses to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa South African political history Contemporary South African politics

Yvonne Cleary English, Irish, and Communication

Technical writers as a community of practice. The impact of XML/DITA on the work of technical writers. Privacy and social networks. Working in virtual teams. A usability study of an online system/application