Application process

Application process

1. Complete application form: Download the AHSS ethics application form, and save. Complete form according to the guidelines. Students must ensure that their application is seen by and discussed in full with their supervisor prior to submission.

2. Appendices: Collect all appendices (information letter(s), consent form(s), interview questions, Garda Clearance form, Child protection form etc) and place into one single electronic file title 'Appendices'. Every applicant must include an information letter and consent form. 

3. Collect signatures: Student's forms must be signed by both student and their supervisor. Faculty must ensure their Head of Department reviews and signs their form.

4. Submissions: Submit one electronic copy plus appendices to, and one paper copy plus appendices to the designated dropbox outside C1078, Main Building, UL. Your application will be assigned a number, e.g 2014_01_01_AHSS. You will be informed of this by email.

5. REC Meeting: The AHSS Research Ethics Committee (REC) meets once a month, click here for a list of meeting dates and deadlines. Please ensure that all fully completed proposals and appendices are submitted on time. No late applications will be accepted. Applicants do not need to attend the meeting.

6. REC decisions: You can expect a response from the Committee Chair within 2 weeks of the meeting taking place. Where necessary, the Chair will clearly outline any changes necessary to you, and how to implement them. You cannot start your research until your application has been fully approved by the Committee Chair. When resubmitting your application you will need to include your application number (e.g. 2014_01_01_AHSS) and a cover letter/email outlining the changes made. Once approval is sanctioned you will be informed directly by the Committee Chair. Only then can you start your research with your interviewees, survey participants etc.