IHSA Conference 13th - 14th March

13 Mar 2015

SCHEDULE                                A L L   W E L C O M E
Friday, 13th March
18.30 – 19.30
Welcome and Conference Open, Tea and Coffee provided, Location: UL Main Building, Ground Floor
19.30 to late Social in the Scholars' Club, UL Saturday
14th March
Conference Registration in UL Main Building with tea and coffee Panels (location: Kemmy Business School)
9.30 First round of panels
11.05 Second round of panels
12.40 Lunch 1.45 Keynote speech
2.50 Awards
3.30 Third round of panels
5.00 Tea and coffee
5.15 Fourth round of panels
6.45 AGM
7.45 Free period
9pm Dinner in the Pavilion, UL north campus
10pm Closing remarks Late social (optional)

THE PANELS Round One (9.30-11.00):
Room One: The Irish Abroad (KBG11)

Florry O’Driscoll (NUIG), ‘‘I fear few of us will live to tell the tale’: The Letters of the Men of the Papal Battalion of St Patrick’.
Jerome Devitt (TCD), ‘Fenian Footprint: Revolutionary Irish-American nationalism and Victorian Bermuda’.
Gianna Hegarty (TCD), 'A threat to neutrality?  The presence of German and Austrian refugees in Ireland during the Seond World War'.
Room Two: The Irish Revolution (KBG14)
Jeffrey Leddin (UL), ‘Green Phoenix: development of a martial structure and the nationalisation of the re-constituted Irish Citizen Army, 1914’.
Aaron Ó Maonaigh (DCU), ‘From New York to Ballyfermot: The Thompson Submachine Gun and The Irish War of Independence’.
Eamonn T. Gardiner (NUIG), ‘Insane at the Time of Commission’: Stress, Trauma, Reprisals and Suicide in the Auxiliary Division, 1920-1940’.
Round Two (11.05-12.35): Room One: Conflict in the Wider World (KBG11)
Katya Radovanova (TU Dresden), ‘The Red Power Movement: a Symbol of Indian Resistance and Native Political Action’
Donal Brennan (UL), ‘‘Lawrence of COIN’: Colonial small wars, the ‘Lawrencian’ hero and the history of counterinsurgency’
Cian Moran (NUIG), 'Idi Amin, the 1978 Uganda-Tanzania War and Humanitarian Intervention'..
Room Two: Social Regulation (KBG14)
Robert Flatley (NUIG), ‘The WHO and the why of Natural Contraception: A World Health Organi-sation Contraceptive Study and the Fledgling Family Life Centre, Knock, 1977-78’.
Matthew T. Molloy (NUIM), ‘‘Liberating libidos’?: Masculinity and ‘abnormal’ male sexuality in India, 1880-1914’.
Alex Tierney (TCD), ‘State Social Intervention into Women’s Lives after Irish Partition: Widows’ and Orphans’ Pensions Legislation in Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State, 1924-37’. Keynote Speech and awards (1.45-3.30): KBG15
Round Three (3.30-5.00): Room One: Language (KBG11)

Dónal Ó Catháin (NUIG), ‘Bardic Poetry as a Historical Source for the FitzGeralds of Desmond’.
Patricia Walker (TCD), ‘Cock a Doodle Doo: The Murderous Origins of an English Nursery Rhyme’.
Jordan markey (NUIG), 'Why were questions around language so important in Galicia in the period from 1867-1914?
Room Two: Parliamentary Ireland (KBG14)
David Gahan (NUIM), ‘An analysis of Free State election results 1923-25’.
Martin O’Donoghue (NUIG), ‘A Legacy Party? The Irish National League in the Free State’.
John Phayer (Independent), ‘‘As long as you say what you believe and believe what you say, that's the test of authenticity’: The formation of the United Irish League and the controversy surrounding the trial of Samuel Phayer-Harris’.
Round Four (5.15-6.45): Room One: Social movements (KBG11)
Annika Stendebach (Johannes Gutenber University Mainz), ‘‘Sleepwalking through the Sixties’ – The Student Movement at University College Galway’.
Gerard Madden (NUIG), ‘The National Union of Journalists and Catholic anti-communism in mid-twentieth century Ireland’
Mai Yatani (TCD), 'Women in the reading clubs at the fin-de-siècle Ireland'.
Room Two: Soldiering (KBG14)
Anne Marie McInerney (TCD), ‘'Revolt from within: prison riots, escapes and hunger strikes during the Irish Civil War'.
Matthew X. Calvert (NUIG), ‘The Early Irish Outlaw: of Brigands and Heroes’.
AGM (6.45-7.45): KBG15