Milena Cosentina attends workshops at the Holocaust and Genocide Centre in Johannesburg and Cape Town

11 September 2019

Workshops at the Holocaust and Genocide Center in Johannesburg and Cape Town: 'Trauma and Memory: Family Narratives across the Generations'.

My research examines the transmission of life experiences from Holocaust survivors to following generations within the family system. The talk discusses the trauma and memory of the Holocaust, considering historical and contemporary issues related to genocide, anti-Semitism, collective memory and identity. In addition, how trauma, memory and nostalgia can be correlated and transmitted across generations. The link between history and psychology has a significant part to play in helping people around the world to come to terms with their very difficult past involving traumatic events. In this paper I illustrate how survivors told their stories at the interviews available at the Shoah Foundation VHA archive, and how their descendants face those experiences, what and how they know and keep or transform.

Johannesburg Workshop