Dr Roberto Mazza - Conference/Publication/Book Review

25 April 2017

Conference: Osmanlılar Döneminde Kudüs Uluslararası Sempozyumu International Symposium on al-Quds during the Ottoman Period 29-30 Nisan/April 2017 "Liberated, Conquered or Occupied? 11 December 1917 the Day Allenby Entered Jerusalem and Everything Changed" Kurtarıldı, Fethedildi veya İşgal Edildi? 11 Aralık 2017’de Allenby Kudüs’e Girdiği ve Herşeyin Değiştiği Gün

Submitted and accepted for publication: “Occupation during and after the War (Middle East)”, International Encyclopaedia of the First World War http://www.1914-1918-online.net/ at Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)

Book review: Agnes de Dreuzy, The Holy See and the Emergence of the Modern Middle East: Benedict XV’s Diplomacy in Greater Syria (1914-1922), in The Catholic Historical Review, Vol. 103, No.1 (Winter 2017), p. 146-147.