18 Apr 2017

Maternal Mortality, Dublin, 1864–1902 Ciara Breathnach/Brian Gurrin - Soc Hist Med hkx010. DOI: - Published: 21 March 2017

24 Mar 2017

Professor Armando Cisneros Sosa, is professor in the Department of Sociology, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City, where he is also the Coordinator of the Sociology of Culture Group and a member of the Sociological Theory cluster.

He is a distinguished sociologist who has also studied and published on Mexico’s urban history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His key interests, however, are in social movements-state relationships, civil disobedience, democratic transition, and political legitimacy during Mexico’s period of transition in the late twentieth century. His work integrates empirical research with the sociological theory of John Rawls. He has published widely in these areas, principally, El sentido del espacio/The Sense of Space (2006), Introduccion Al Mundo De Octavio Paz (2008), and Guerra de Hidalgo (2011). His current project continues this line of scholarly enquiry into the “Movimientos Sociales en América Latina”.

Professor Cisneros Sosa will deliver two lectures during his visit.

24 Mar 2017

Dr David Fleming led his eighteenth-century politics class' annual visit to the House of Lords in College Green, Dublin, on 22 March. The fieldtrip has become a regular feature of his HI4107 module. The House of Lords' chamber remains one of the most unique spaces in the country, practically unchanged since it was built in the 1720s, and provides an evocative setting for a class devoted to the study of eighteenth-century Irish politics.

23 Mar 2017

The AHSS Fee Waivers & Scholarship Campaign for September 2017 is now live.

The application form is an online one.  Further details from 

16 Mar 2017
Dr Ciara Breathnach undertook a visit to Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in March 2017 as a Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Historical Research. While there she delivered lectures on Professor Jyoti Atwal’s Masters’ level module Women in Ireland: Reforms, Movements and Revolutions (1840-1930) and a seminar entitled ‘Infant life protection and medico-legal literacy in early twentieth-century Dublin’. Together with Prof Atwal she conducted an exercise in international classroom connectivity and held a ‘research slam’ (a pedagogical exercise whereby students are given 3 minutes to explain their research), between UL and JNU MA students. The slam was facilitated by Alan Hayes of UL/ITD.