International History Students

The following is the policy of the Department of History in relation to international education students:

  1. While international education students are welcome to take all history modules, the Department attempts to match students' level of historical education to the modules on offer.
  2. Elective modules are designed for final year students, and international education students can take electives if they have the equivalent career status of fourth years - namely are in their eighth semester.
  3. There is a limit on registrations for elective students offered to final year students, and not all domestic students get their first choice.
  4. Registration for elective modules offered in semester one takes place the previous May, and registration for elective modules offered in semester two takes place the previous November. Advanced international education students should also be in a position to register for these electives in advance. The International Education Office could furnish their counterparts with this information to facilitate this registration and forward student choices (first, second and third choices) to the Administrator, Dept of History.
  5.  If the registration target is not met, the lecturer responsible has the discretion to permit other students to take these modules in week one.
  6. We note that the Erasmus/Socrates agreements permit advanced students to take MA-level modules. This can and does take place with the approval and at the discretion of the lecturer concerned.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Department. 

Professor Anthony McElligott 
Department of History 
University of Limerick 


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