History Postgraduates 2017

          Research Students







Robert Collins

‘NORAID and Irish America: The impact of Irish-American Republicanism on the conflict in the North of Ireland, 1971-5’

R O’Donnell

Milena Callegari Cosentino

‘Holocaust: repercussions and legacy for future generations’

AMcElligott/P Ryan (Psych)

Stephen Griffin

ʻA Leitrim Jacobite in the Holy Roman Empire: The life and times of Owen O’Rourkeʼ

R Kirwan

John Harrington

‘The Ancient Order of Hibernians’

R O’Donnell

Derek Kavanagh

‘The development and implementation of IRA military strategy in Ireland 1969-98’

R. O’Donnell

Maelle Le Roux

‘Representations of Nationalist Figures in the Capuchin Annual (1930-1977)’

C Breathnach/M Moriarty (MLAL)

Gerald Maher

‘Irish republicans and the radicalisation of Irish-American nationalism, 1916-23’

R O’Donnell

Seán McKillen

‘The SDLP and the Sunningdale Agreement’

R O’Donnell

Declan Mills

‘English exceptionalism in the eighteenth century’

D Fleming

Peter O’Keeffe

ʻThe transition from the civil rights movement to an armed Republican offensive in Northern Ireland, 1962- 72ʼ*

R O’Donnell

William O’Neill

‘A reassessment of the interpretations, reality and consequences of U.S. covert operations in Central America from 1979- 1992’

B Whelan

Sean Whitney

‘The tobacco industry in Ireland, 1700-1930’

D Fleming



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