08 Sep 2015

Dr Carole Holohan (Trinity College Dublin)

‘Conceptualising and responding to poverty: Ireland in the 1960s’

Seminars begin at 5.30pm, Room G08, Foundation Building, Mary Immaculate College

All very welcome

Further information:  Dr Liam Chambers or Dr Úna Ní Bhroiméil  


10 Aug 2015

Limerick Museum and Archives will be hosting the latest Stand Up & Fight Lecture in City Hall.

For the latest instalment, Dr Vincent O'Connell will be giving a lecture on a WWI-era collection of documents from the Armstrong Papers which are currently housed in the Special Collections in UL. Dr O'Connell will be not only be giving the story of these papers, but will also be showing how to critically analyze and break-down these papers as historical sources.

Dr O’Connell teaches in UL and is a specialist in modern French and Belgian history. His other interests include Jewish material culture, as well as public history and cultural heritage in twentieth century Ireland.

The talk will be in City Hall at 6.30pm

All are welcome. Refreshments shall be provided

18 Jun 2015
Newry, Mourne and Down District Council's National Famine Commemoration Conference The Newry conference which is being held in conjunction with the Irish Government National Famine Commemoration crossing the border for the first time. The conference is being organised, in the Canal Court Hotel, by the new Newry, Mourne and Down Council, who are hosting the National Great Famine Commemoration. Dr Ruan O’Donnell has been invited to join the History Ireland discussion on the 'Great Famine in Ulster', chaired by Tommy Graham from 7:30 to 9:30 pm on Wednesday 23 September 2015. This discussion will open the conference and is scheduled to include Professor Peter Gray, Professor Christine Kinealy and Professor Mary Daly.
26 May 2015

20-21 November 2015.

The aim of this interdisciplinary conference is to explore the theme of ‘becoming’ in early modern European and Irish culture. The early modern period itself is often understood as a time of transition, but how did the people of the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries experience periods of transformation/transition in their own lives and work, and how were these processes accomplished and accommodated? Conference papers will explore changes to personal, professional, religious or political identity and identifications, as well as understandings of transformations of state, status and nature more broadly.

Plenary Speakers:  Professor Daniel Carey (NUI Galway), Professor Raymond Gillespie (Maynooth University), Professor Alison Rowlands (University of Essex).

We invite proposals for 20-minute papers on themes that might include:

Transition in religion and politics
• Religious conversion
• Alterations to political sympathies
• Migration and naturalisation
• Becoming a soldier, priest, rebel, martyr, hero or villain

Personal transformations
• Acquiring competencies, skills or professional training
• Social mobility, upwards or downwards
• Becoming a parent
• Rites of passage

Transition and the supernatural
• Death and movement to the next world
• Magical and miraculous transformations

Textual and performative transformations
• Responses to societal transitions in poetry and prose
• Transforming texts via translation, printing or performance
• The use of space and material culture in ceremonial/ritual contexts

Please submit an abstract of about 250 words to or before 10th July 2015.

This conference will occur under the auspices of the Limerick Early Modern Forum of the University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College. The conference is funded by the Irish Research Council New Foundations Scheme. The organisers plan to publish a volume of essays drawn from the conference papers.

For further information see

20 Apr 2015


A new TG4 documentary series 'Gafa sa Tur',


includes Dr Ruan O'Donnell's assessment of various Irish people imprisoned over the centuries in the Tower of London.

This in an 'Irish Times' 'choice' programme (Irish Times, 18 April 2015, p. 45).

Programme begins on 19 April 2015.