18 Jul 2016
Dr Ruan O'Donnell gave a seminar at the recent Merriman Summer School 2016 [] entitled 'Gallant allies and exiled children: international aspects of the 1916 rising'.
23 Feb 2016

Shining a Light into dark alleys: Vigiliance and patrol work in Dublin, 1914-18
Mr Martin Walsh, PhD Student, Dept of History, UL

on Wednesday 2 March
at 13h00
in A1050


10 Feb 2016

Dr Ruan O'Donnell will launch

Pádraic Ó Ruairc's, Truce: Murder Myth and the last days of the Irish War of Independence, Mercier Press 2016.

Dublin Launch 6pm February 4th - Hodges Figgis

Cork Launch 7-8pm February 11th -  Waterstones

04 Feb 2016

'Michael Colivet; The forgotten Limerick Commandant in the 1916 Rising'

William O'Neill, LMA Scholar, Department of History, UL

on Wednesday 6 April 2016 in A1050 at 13h00

All Welcome