Prof. Tony Pembroke

Associate Professor, Industrial Biochemistry, University of Limerick / +353 61 202491

Prof J Tony Pembroke BSc PhD , Associate Professor of Industrial Biochemistry.  PhD NUIG in Molecular Genetics, EMBO Postdoctoral Fellow University of Leiden, OECD Fellow Rowett Institute, Aberdeen. Research interests in Molecular Microbiology, particularly in infectious ICE elements a group of mobile genetic elements prevalent in Vibrio cholerae and other entheric pathogens. Analysis of ICE genome structure via sequencing and bioinformatics, Development of detection systems and probes for such elements and determination of function of cryptic ICE  genes via bioinformatics, cloning and expression. Evaluation of waste water treatment systems for mobile element and virus reduction, and phylogenetic analysis  of microbial populations associated with ATAD high temperature systems to pasteurise sludge.
Tony has served as Head of Department of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Sciences and as course director and founder of the BSc in Industrial Biochemistry and has mentored some 36 students to Phd or MSc by thesis. Tony has served as a director of the Health Research Board for 7 years. And is a frequent reviewer for the EU Framework programmes.