Prof. Philip Jakeman

Principal Investigator Human Science Research Group
Professor of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Limerick / 353 61 202800

A Biochemistry graduate and PhD in Exercise Science, Dr Jakeman was appointed as Professor in 1995 and moved from the University of Birmingham to UL  in 1996 as Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences with a responsibility to develop high quality teaching and research in exercise science. Teaching and research interests focus on the perturbation invoked by physical exercise as a vehicle to study the regulatory and adaptive processes of human metabolism.
Professor Jakeman directs a Human Science Research Group founded on a project grant from The Wellcome Trust and sustained funding from Enterprise Ireland and Industrial partners.

Current grant funding supports the following research projects in human subjects:

A DXA-based study of human body composition,
Skeletal muscle metabolism by percutaneous biopsy and in vivo microdialysis,
Nutrient interaction with physical activity to maintain musculoskeletal health in older adults,
A 1H MRS study of brain phospholipid metabolism following dietary intervention.


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